Try Vegan

Our 21 day vegan challenge sends you recipes, tips, and facts each day by email to help you on your way with trying a vegan lifestyle.

Resources for going vegan

Becoming vegan can seem like a big change to begin with. You may feel like there are just too many foods you need to give up - this is simply not true! You will soon discover all kinds of vegan treats and recipes for your usual favourites, and realise that a vegan version can be made.

Today, compared with say 10 years ago (or even 5 years ago!), there are much, much more vegan products readily available in your local supermarket. There are vegan versions of sausages and burgers, cheese, milk, ice cream, chocolate and yoghurt, just to name a few.

To help you change to a vegan lifestyle we have compiled a list of resources and guides. For any suggestions of content you would like to see then please contact us.

For resources specifically on raising children vegan - the Vegan Society in the UK has a good section vegan diet for children and in pregnancy.

How to be vegan

Where do you begin? Suggestions and tips on how to be vegan.

Starter guides

Starter guides to download and read online.

Nutritional information

Information on a well-balanced vegan diet.

Dairy alternatives

Suggestions for replacement foods such as cheese, milk, eggs, ice cream and more.

Meat alternatives

Suggestions for protein foods such as vegan sausages and burgers, what to do with tofu and tempeh, and how to use beans, lentils and nuts.

Egg alternatives

How to replace eggs in baking as well as options for replacing scrambled eggs and fried eggs.

Shopping list

Suggestions of what foods to buy in the supermarket.

Sandwich ideas

Simple sandwich ideas to help make weekday lunches easier for everyone!

Kids lunch box

Ideas and recipes for childrens lunch boxes.

Cooking guides

The basics for cooking stir fry's and curry.

Meal Toppings

Suggestions of what to add to meals, such as nuts, seeds, sauces, salad dressings, etc.


From the sensible to the silly, here are some questions you are likely to get asked, and good ways to respond.

Films & books

Links to excellent documentary films and books related to veganism, either for the animals, environment, health or all 3.