For your pets

Here are some links for NZ suppliers of vegan pet food

For information on vegan pets see Resources - Pets

Vegan Pet Food Co

Vegan Pet Food Co proudly source Cruelty-Free Pet Food for Vegan pet owners.

All Natural Pet Care

All Natural Pet Care, 100% cruelty free pet care products and petfood, NZ distributor of Ami Pet Food - the Natural Choice, Benevo range, Harbingers of A New Age vege cat & vegedog supplements, natural eco-friendly pet products and care. 100% cruelty free brought to you with respect to all living things.

Addiction Zen

Addiction Zen can be purchased from a few places in NZ, including:
Cruelty Free Shop
NZ Natural Pet Food

Recipe Book

A good recipe book for vegan dogs is: Simple Little Vegan Dog Book